Totoro Comrade Backpack

Quite surprising to know, our Totoro Design was actually a product of a customer’s personal request. As an online shop taking into consideration personalized requests and designs from our customers, we processed the vector design of Totoro soon after. Little did we know that upon releasing this design to the public, it will become an instant favorite. Totoro has been one the most well-loved designs we have here at Elle Poupee ever since, and we knew by that time that it is not going away anytime soon. Truly, it is a classic kawaii masterpiece.


Our Totoro Comrade Backpack is part of our Kawaii Comrade Laptop Backpack Collection, alongside other adorable designs such as the Nerdy Panda, Pusheen, Darth Vader, and etc. Aside from using high quality materials, the main body of the bag is geared with fully padded frame using a waterproof fabric in order to satisfy the present needs of today’s Modern Techno-Urban Individual. The Comrade Laptop Bag is not only a classic in terms of its vintage-minimalist design, but also boasts of flexibility as a practical choice for comfort and use.

Scroll down to see the full features of our product! ❤



  • Thick Heavy Duty Canvas Exterior w/ Leather Accents
  • Main Body | 16.5″ x 11″ x 3.5″ | Fully-Padded Frame
  • Front Panel | 13.5″x 11″x 1.5″| Waterproof Lining w/ 2 Pockets
  • Zippered Exterior Pocket |  13.5″x 11″x 1.5″ | Function & Style 
  • Canvas Cover | Magnetic Closure | Security Gear for Front Panel
  • Side Pockets | 2 Zippered Secret Pockets | Security Tool
  • Shoulder Strap | Meshed Padded Straps | Support & Comfort 
  • Fully-Padded Leather Base | Maintenance & Techno-care


Aside from all the awesome features that Totoro Comrade Laptop Backpack has to offer, one cannot disregard how it’s basic neutral color makes it very easy for everyday use. Gray is a color which will look good in every outfit regardless any color you choose to pair with it. Technically, gray is like a muted black which goes away with anything! Whether it is for school or travel, the Comrade Laptop Backpack is a must have when it comes to design and quality. Definitely a revolutionary product worth the purchase. ❤


Credits to:

Model: Nicole Ching ❤


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